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There are about 4,500 Bitterroot Valley Veterans. They make up about 14% of the total population.

Just over 64% served during or before the Vietnam war. About 57% all veterans in the valley are over 65 years old.

Post 9/11 - 6%

Gulf War - 12.2%

Vietnam War - 44.1%

Korenan War - 13.5%

WWII - 7.2%

Women veterans make up just 2.6% of the population. 

About 37.4% have a disability.

Only 10.5% of veterans have experience poverty in the last 12 months.

95% of all veterans are high school graduates. 33% have some college and 21% have a bachelor's degree or higher.

Economic Impact

2016 VA Expenditures in Ravalli County

In 2016 the VA distributed over $22 million dollars to Ravalli County veterans for Compensation and Pension. In 2010, when the Mill Levy for the VVSC was approved there were about 5,800 veterans in the county. That year VA Compensation and Pension distributions were about $14.6 million. 

Since the Mill Levy, although the total veteran population has decreased, veterans receiving benefits has increased by about 400 and compensation and pension expenditures have increased by over $7.4 million a year. 

About 64% of the veterans are in the workforce.